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Join hands with Shanti

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Join hands with Shanti

A few months ago, Shanti was cooking with hot oil and burned her hand. The blisters became infected and were simply not healing like they were supposed to...

When Shanti arrived at the hospital, she was given a skin test and it showed that Shanti has leprosy. Because of her leprosy, her hands were becoming clawed and nerves damages mean her thumbs are unable to hold things properly.

Your generous gift can provide urgent medical care to overcome the damage that leprosy has done. 

Your gift today could:

  • help to cure Shanti of her leprosy forever by ensuring she has access to the yearlong course of medication needed.
  • provide ointments and dressings Shanti so desperatly needs to keep her hands clean and safe from further infection throughout her 9 month hospital stay.
  • help to provide Shanti with life-changing reconstructive surgery on her damaged hands.

Your support will give Shanti a future - enable Shanti to use her hands again, learn to sew, and maybe even set up a small business to help support her family. 

Help Shanti today!