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Rhema Cure One Day

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Rhema Cure One Day

We had our Cure One Day with Rhema on 26 September.

It was a fruitful day! We are very grateful for the team at Rhema, and all who tuned in and supported people affected by leprosy. 

If you missed the chance of curing a person affected of leprosy on that day, it's not too late to do it now!

No Child with Leprosy by 2035.

Leprosy is a terrible disease. It damages the nerves in people’s feet and hands so they are no longer able to feel anything. Their hands become clawed and their feet develop ulcers which can become infected, and in worst cases lead to amputation. Leprosy prevents children like Kanti from going to school, or even playing with their friends. It destroys their young lives.

You can bring hope and light into the lives of children living with leprosy. 

Just $20 will enable a person affected by leprosy to access a month of medicine to cure her leprosy.

$40 will offer 2 months' cure.  $60 will 3 months... 

It takes 12 months of treatment to cure someone like Kanti completely.

Mother Teresa said “help one person at a time”. So please help someone with leprosy today, by providing them with a cure. 

What a wonderful way to achieve a world without leprosy, one person at a time.