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Cure One like Shabnam

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Cure One like Shabnam

Today you can offer real hope. 

Just $20 will enable a person affected by leprosy like Shabnam to access a month of medicine to cure her leprosy. 

$40 will offer 2 months' cure. $60 will be 3 months... 

For Shabnam, she needs to take daily medication for 24 months to cure her leprosy. 

Your support can also help: 

  • Provide vital physiotherapy and counselling for someone like Shabnam. She will learn to overcome the pain of rejection she feels and she could rebuild her confidence. 
  • Enable Shabnam to attend the Mission's vocational training centre. She will be able to learn a skill and be supported into employment or to start her own small business. 

You have the power to Cure One like Shabnam today.

Shabnam was only 16 years old when she was frightened to see her hands swelling up and discoloured patches appeared on her face. Soon, she had no geeling in her hands at all. 

She was terrified. 

Shabnam's leprosy began to destroy her face and her body, the patches spread across her face. Then, the bridge of her nose completely collapsed.

"At first my nose began to bleed a lot and I didn't know why. But now I understand that my condition with my collapsed nasal ridge is as a result of being leprosy affected," says Shabnam.

She broke down in tears as she talked about how frightened she was. 

Today you can offer real hope for someone like Shabnam.

Just $20 will enable a person affected by leprosy like Shabnam to access a month of medicine to cure her leprosy. 

You have the power to Cure One like Shabnam. 

Make an urgent donation today.