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Have your gift multiplied 5x to cure children of PNG and Bougainville

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Have your gift multiplied 5x to cure children of PNG and Bougainville

Every $1 becomes $5 to help cure children affected by leprosy like Thresia.

Please donate today.

Your donation will help:

  • children like Thresia access the course of treatment – to cure their leprosy forever. 
  • children like Thresia with their ulcer, physiotherapy to help them walk more normally, and counselling so they no longer feel different.  
  • train local volunteers to diagnose leprosy in poverty stricken areas. Without this vital lifeline, many children like Thresia will go undiscovered and continue to suffer from the devastating physical and mental effects of leprosy.

Your gift will be multiplied FIVE times.

Through the ‘Bougainville Healthy Communities Project' , the New Zealand Aid Programme*, is matching our fundraising with $4 for every $1 that is donated. 

*New Zealand Government’s official aid for developing countries