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Give Really Good Gifts this Christmas

Gifts of hope for a better world. 

Give hope to people facing Covid-19 and leprosy like Shaheen this Christmas. 

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    Your donation goes to those most in need and  you’ll have changed someone’s life!

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Really Good Gifts Catalogue

  • Contact Tracing No Child with Leprosy 2035$10
    This ensures that close contacts of a person diagnosed with leprosy are contacted. Contact tracing helps stop leprosy transmission and brings us closer to the goal of No Child with Leprosy by 2035.
  • Cure - one month of medicine access Cure - One Month of Medicine Access$20
    This enables a person affected by leprosy to access a month of medicine to be cured of this dreadful disease, but cannot afford it without you. Your gift is vital. If leprosy treatment with multi-drug therapy is started early enough, long-term disability can be completely avoided.
  • Protective Sandals Protective Sandals$10
    If leprosy is left untreated it can damage the nerve endings that warn us when we hurt our feet. Unable to feel pain or irritation, feet become injured and disabled. Your gift of micro-fiber sandals with soft padding will protect their feet for years. This is vital, especially for children, so they can step into adulthood with healthy feet.
  • Education for a girl Education for a Girl$83
    Girls in poverty often miss out on school. Even more so for girls affected by leprosy. Your Really Good Gift will pay her fees for a year. She will learn to read, and write, develop self-confidence and go on to the opportunity to learn a trade. Your gift will empower her for the rest of her life.
  • Watermelon farm Protect a Nurse$21

    New gift!

    Hospital and medical staff are the heroes of this pandemic. Your gift will provide essentials such as N95 masks, face shields, PPE gowns and gloves. You will help protect them as they provide vital care to people affected by leprosy and vulnerable communities during this pandemic.
  • Counselling Counselling$55
    A leprosy diagnosis can cause as much mental anguish as its physical impacts. People affected by leprosy often face terrible discrimination and stigma. Your Really Good Gift will enable counsellors to help people overcome their feelings of rejection and give them back a sense of self worth.
  • A back to school kit A Back to School Kit$46
    Schools often turn away children from leprosy-affected families, but the Leprosy Mission works hard to open school doors. Because leprosy makes life in poverty even more difficult, families cannot usually afford school materials, but your Really Good Gift provides a uniform, books and pens for a year. A child's best chance of escaping poverty is school.
  • Sewing Kit Sewing Kit$45
    A simple sewing kit can give someone affected by leprosy the chance to work and earn a living again. By stitching and mending clothes a girl will be given vocation, and a woman will be able to support and look after her children. It is truly a wonderful gift.
  • School bag School Bag$10
    A school bag and writing materials will help a child recovering from leprosy to feel they belong at school and help them take pride in their work. An education is their best means of escaping poverty and improving their future prospects.
  • Crutches for a child Covid Emergency Kit$110

    New gift!

    For people affected by leprosy who rely on daily wages and have no other assistance during lockdowns, your gift is a blessing. Your gift will help provide essential food supplies, hand sanitizer, masks and trusted covid information for a whole family affected by leprosy.
  • The gift of sight The Gift of Sight$90
    Blindness in poverty is a disaster - even more so when leprosy numbs your nerves so you cannot even feel your way. What a blessing, then, when leprosy-related blindness can be reversed through surgery. Your gift will restore sight and hope.
  • A hospital bed A Hospital Bed$220
    Every hospital bed is precious. Your gift will keep on giving for many years to come, providing rest and recuperation for hundreds of people affected by leprosy.
  • A day in hospital A Day in Hospital$15
    You can say to a friend or relative, "you have paid for someone to stay for a whole day in a leprosy hospital. They could never have possibly afforded this without you." Your gift will help them overcome serious disabilities and rejoin their community.
  • Cure One Cure One$432
    Transform the life of one person living in poverty, affected by leprosy. Your gift covers disease detection, treatment with medicine to cure, plus medical care where necessary such as surgery or physiotherapy. Your gift also has the power to restore that person back into their community, through support, education or help with livelihood.
  • Vegetable seed hamper Vegetable Seed Hamper$24
    This gift will provide a range of hardy seeds for fantastic vegetables, along with advice on how to grow a bumper crop. For a family left impoverished and hungry by the consequences of leprosy, this means a source of nutritious food and the chance to earn an income at a market stall.
  • A sewing machine A Sewing Machine$150
    Sewing is the vocation that will never go out of style, but how can a woman sew when her hands and feet have been affected by leprosy? This wonderful sewing machine is adapted to her needs. Your gift will give her all the equipment she needs to earn a living for life.
  • A Goat for a young person A Goat for a Young Person$75
    If your loved ones include animal lovers, they'll be thrilled that a goat has been given in their name. Happily nibbling away at weeds, leaves, and scraps, your goat can be the start of a breeding herd and a sustainable income for a family suffering from leprosy and living in poverty, producing lots of young goats for sale.
  • Reconstructive foot surgery Reconstructive Foot Surgery$615
    Leprosy can lead to 'drop foot', where the ankle no longer lifts the foot to prevent stumbling while walking. With this amazing gift of reconstructive foot surgery and physiotherapy, you will help someone walk again. Without this gift, a person in poverty with leprosy will never be able to afford to step back into a fulfilling life.
  • A porky piglet A Porky Piglet$92
    Like goats, pigs are cheap to feed, easy to care for and don't use much space - so they are a great blessing for poor families struggling with disabilities caused by leprosy. One piglet becomes a breeding sow and soon there is lots of pork and piglets to sell: food for the family and valuable income.
  • A Prosthetic Limb A Prosthetic Limb$550
    Leprosy can cause a tragic cycle of disability: damaged nerves lead to injuries, burns, infections, sometimes resulting in the loss of a limb. What an extraordinary difference your gift of a prosthetic arm or leg will make.
  • Crab farming Crab Farming$126

    New gift!

    A Leprosy Mission livelihoods project in PNG has worked in a community to set up a crab farming business. Where before people would hunt for crabs, your Really Good Gift means they are growing crabs creating a sustainable source of food and income for the whole village. With willing markets in Asia, this has exciting potential for other communities.
  • Reconstructive hand surgery Reconstructive Hand Surgery$550
    Left untreated, leprosy can quickly lead to hands becoming clawed. The person is unable to do many everyday tasks most of us take for granted. This gift provides surgery, physiotherapy and a new lease of life.
  • Train a Village Health Volunteer Train a Village Health Volunteer$100
    Your gift enables a village health volunteer to be trained for two weeks, learning the foundations of public health. Because of you, a whole village will benefit from having someone to diagnose and find help for the diseases that threaten their lives, including leprosy, malaria, TB, typhoid and cholera.
  • Vocational Training Fees Vocational Training Fees$600
    For people in poverty, leprosy attacks their most basic ability to earn a living by hand or on foot. Yet they cannot afford to pay for training in a trade where their disabilities won't matter. So your gift of a training course will last them a lifetime, earning income, independence, dignity and respect.
  • A trademan's toolbox A Tradesman's Toolbox$40
    Someone in poverty affected by leprosy might dream of a trade, but the price of tools is out of their reach. Your gift includes everything they need to start working and earning, along with really good training from the Leprosy Mission. You are giving them a productive career, plus a whole new standing in the eyes of their community.
  • A dairy cow A Dairy Cow$217
    Just imagine how your wonderful gift of a cow will bless the life of a family affected by poverty and leprosy. Your cow will give them milk, transport, manure for growing crops, and a complete change in their community standing. Your gift also includes their training in animal husbandry and support to make a dairy business that's truly sustainable.
  • A fish farm A Fish Farm$35
    This is a gift for many families, because everyone in a leprosy-affected village can share in the blessings of turning the village pond into a fish farm. Your Really Good Gift gives them their first stock of fish and food. Before long your gift will be a sustainable source of food and income for the whole village.
  • Residential scholarship Residential Scholarship$1,100
    Education is the most valuable asset a young person can attain. This incredible gift covers an approved course, accommodation and all living expenses for one child for a year. More importantly, it gives someone affected by leprosy the means to earn an income and support themselves for a brighter future.
  • A pedal rickshaw Research 2035$265
    Be part of the team researching new and innovative ways to reach the goal of No Child with Leprosy by 2035 with your gift to Research 2035. Research projects include leprosy screening tools and contact tracing innovations. Your gift of research is vital to seeing a world where leprosy is defeated for good.