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Anandaban Hospital

At Anandaban Hospital, around 16 km from Kathmandu city, a holistic approach is taken to cure and care for people affected by leprosy.
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Anandaban Hospital is the largest hospital in Nepal specialising in leprosy treatment. Its staff team carry out world-leading research to improve understanding of the disease and develop new treatments.
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Miracle Ulcer Treatment

Dr Indra Napit, Senior Surgeon at Anandaban, has developed a revolutionary technique to treat leprosy patients suffering from ulcers that have slashed the time it takes these wounds to heal.
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IDEA Nepal

IDEA Nepal is a grassroots foundation based in Pokhara which was formed by people affected by leprosy in 1998.
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Maya Restored: From Suffering to Smiling

For almost a year ago we have shared Maya's story with you. Thanks to the commitment and prayer support from our wonderful Cure One supporters, Maya's life has been completely transformed.
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