Four young Nepalese womenIn 2009, the Government of Nepal announced that leprosy has been eliminated in the country - according to the WHO measurement of less than 1 case per 10,000 head of population.  However, this does not mean that the disease has been eradicated in Nepal. 

Far from it – while this target may have been achieved in some areas of the country, in others the number of cases is much higher and there is evidence to suggest that numbers are actually increasing.  At the last estimation, 150,000 people are currently undergoing treatment for leprosy or are suffering from its long-term effects.  It is clear, then, that leprosy remains a major issue in Nepal.

  • IDEA Nepal - this partner focuses its work in the areas of the Western and Midwestern districts of Nepal where leprosy is prevalent, increasing awareness of the true nature of leprosy and empowering people affected by leprosy to stand up against prejudice, breaking the cycle of stigma.
  • Anandaban Hospital - located 16 km from Kathmandu city, Anandaban Hospital provides quality care for people in all stages of leprosy, from diagnosis and medication to reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and full restoration to their communities and homes.

Our seven Youth Advocate Scholarship recipients scrubbed up before watching a reconstructive hand surgery at Anandaban Leprosy Mission Hospital in 2014